Warehouse Management Solutions

The ability to remain competitive among today’s ever changing technologies and competitive market is core to every business. Implementing an effective warehouse management system enables your business to reduce inefficiencies, streamline processes, increase the accuracy of orders dispatched and received and improve overall stock management.

B.H. Associates Ltd offer WIMS, a complete warehouse integrated management system. Our warehouse management software solutions will enable you to proactively manage the operations of your business, providing real-time alerts such as stock shortages or absenteeism, and a reporting to identify areas of strengths and weaknesses.

Our innovative online system allows businesses to manage their operations via cloud-based software. WIMS is also available in an offline version – read more about this product here. Our warehouse management systems can be integrated with your current business management software, or we can also create a custom solution for your business to encompass all software needs.

“BH Associates offered an overall solution including a manufacturing solution linked to a WMS module that they had developed. We were very impressed by the "we can do that" attitude of BH Associates and by the way this has been implemented, including the smooth transition to their software. BH Associates are evidently proud of their solution, and from progress to date, I can see why. We have been particularly impressed by their openness to adapting their system to suit our particular requirements.”

Jonathan Bateman

Finance Director, Avoncourt Packaging Ltd

For a complete overview of the features of BH Associates Warehouse Management Software, click here.

Product Suite Overview

Access from anywhere: Access your warehouse management system securely from anywhere in the world via our cloud based system. Your data is backed up safely and reporting can be monitored remotely by the management team.

Dock Scheduling: Plan efficiently for vehicle arrivals, loading and unloading of vehicles, and schedule appointments in real time with your suppliers. Measure the performance of both your company and your suppliers for speed and efficiency.

Stock management: Track the movement of stock into, out of, and within your warehouse in real time. Your employees will know when there is enough stock in the warehouse and know when to order for more to prevent shortages. Overstocking is prevented and space is maximised to ensure the efficient running of your warehouse.

Reduction in paperwork: Complete stocktaking activities using handheld RF terminals which transmit accurate information digitally into your warehouse management software. This eliminates the need for staff to handwrite stock levels and manually input information into the system, saving time and improving accuracy of information.

Compliance: Use your WMS software to track exactly where your stock comes from and where it goes, ensuring your company complies with all current legislation.

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