Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module will allow you to effectively manage your company’s relationships and interactions with both current and potential customers. With the use of a CRM tool, you can record all communications with customers along with setting out a follow-up process, from lead generation to quotation to sales order. You will be able to monitor the efficiency and performance of your sales team as well as being able to better understand your customers’ needs and habits.

A CRM tool can specifically help the transport and distribution sectors to identify their most valuable customers and understand their behaviours. It can also help you to identify and add new leads easily and quickly and categorise them accurately. The data you collect can affect all areas of your business processes, such as research and development, manufacturing, delivery and marketing. Using this data effectively can lead to an increase in customer loyalty and increased profitability.

Your CRM module will also store all customer information such as addresses, contacts, order history and preferences and can be easily updated. Extensive reporting tools are available to give you a complete overview of your customers. A cloud-based CRM system means that the data is available to your team instantly, and can be updated from the road as well as in the office

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