Driver Delivery App

Driver Delivery App

B.H. Associates Ltd are proud to present the Driver Delivery App as part of their complete software solutions for the transport and logistics sectors. This handy app allows your drivers to complete their work more efficiently while allowing management to view progress in real time. The driver’s deliveries & collections schedule is downloaded to their handheld device via GPRS using push technology, accessed via secure password. The driver can then access a list of jobs to be completed, along with delivery instructions and any special instructions relating to the job, such as cash on delivery amount, cheque collection and signature requirements. Ad hoc collections get added to list of jobs as required and handheld is automatically updated. Upon successful completion of a job, a customer signature is captured with date and time stamp. Failed deliveries are captured with a reason for failure, date and time stamp.

The delivery apps fully integrates with our IFMS software to allow you to track the locations of your vehicles, provide real-time notifications of delivery stages to you and your customers as well as the ability to prioritise and reschedule jobs. It also integrates a driver checklist, allowing drivers to complete an inspection of their vehicles on a daily basis and return the results in real-time to management. This allows you to maintain an overview of the condition of your fleet, ensuring vehicle maintenance can be prepared for and upholding your drivers’ safety as a priority.

Benefits of the Driver Delivery App for your business:

  • Reduction in the cost of communicating with your drivers
  • Paperless transactions – better waste management and environmentally friendly
  • Plan delivery routes more effectively
  • Full visibility of driver performance
  • Increased onus on the driver to reach targets
  • Ability to reschedule and transfer jobs
  • Ensure compliance with driver safety regulations

Benefits of the Driver Delivery App for your customers:

  • Improved customer service thanks to real-time tracking information
  • Accurate customer data is captured on the handheld device
  • Information and photos of damaged goods are captured on the spot
  • Proof of delivery is captured electronically and can be emailed to the customer

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