Lee Morgan

“Now more than ever, managing your business costs is essential. Vehicle running costs are on the increase while margins continue to drop. Enhanced regulation and in particular Visa requirements, driver training, CPC, and load safety are paramount.
We required a total solution to provide visibility, control and to ensure compliance to meet our legal requirements.  BH Associates Fleet Management System captures comprehensive information on key costs such as Fuel, maintenance, tax and insurance. Drivers can upload daily vehicle checks via PDA’s each morning so managers have information at hand in real time to make decisions and provide solutions. At the touch of a button we know when vehicles require service or tax renewal is due.  Used in conjunction with BH Associates Transport Management System (IFMS) we have complete revenue versus cost analysis over any specified period
The fleet management system has proven to be an indispensable tool and an asset to the business.”

IT Manager, Bondelivery

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