IFMS Bus & Coach

shutterstock_50380444IFMS Bus & Coach allows you to quickly capture and price quotations for single / multi days tours. The quotations can be easily converted to bookings and invoiced all from the dashboard screen, ensuring that you have full status information on all activities from a single screen.

Customers using IFMS Bus & Coach benefit from the following:

  • Easy Quotation Generation with facility to email customer
  • Convert approved quotes to Single / Multi day¬†Tours from the same screen
  • Manage all bookings / tours, quotations and¬†invoices through one easy to use summary screen
  • Capture specific tour requirements per booking
  • High Visibility Dashboard screen with full details of all bookings / tours and the ability to assign or unassign a driver
  • Multiple pick-up / multiple drop off points
  • Customised booking confirmation letters
  • Create invoices directly from quotations and download to accounts software
  • Integrates seamlessly with Fleet Management
  • Quotation Analysis with option to filter by dates, quotation status, approval status, priced/not priced, booking confirmation, customer, invoiced/not invoiced
  • Easily identify quotations requiring follow-up
  • Quotation Analysis showing snapshot of volume of quotations with % success rate
  • Easy visibility on bookings by driver, by coach, for both current and future dates.

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