Auto Invoice Processing

Auto Invoice Processing

Auto Processing of Creditor’s Invoices

Seamless automation of invoice processing has never been easier with thanks to B.H. Associates Ltd specialised module, Auto Processing of Creditors’ Invoices. From receipt of the original invoice to integration with your accounts package, you can reduce processing time, increase accuracy and improve relationships with your creditors by ensuring invoices are processed in a more timely fashion.

The module has the function to record details of the creditor’s invoice electronically, or can also be manually entered. The system then matches off each actual cost against the estimated line item per job up to a pre-defined tolerance. Once the totals match, the creditor’s invoice is then automatically approved for download to your accounts system.


  • Reduce processing time: system auto-checks invoice against quotes; no need to manually separate invoices.
  • Keep track of all invoices: invoices are visible as soon as they arrive, and can be tracked from receipt to payment, allowing you to keep your creditors up-to-date on their status.
  • Improve the efficiency of the approval and payment process: match invoices against quotes or estimates in order to auto-approve and send to accounts for payment.
  • Improve creditor relations: paying suppliers on time will result in a better relationship, improved credit facilities and a better overall supply chain process.

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