Introducing new Customs Clearance Automated Import Systems (AIS)

Introducing new Customs Clearance Automated Import Systems (AIS)

As part of the Union Customs Code (UCC) Work Programme, Revenue will implement a new National Import system in November 2020.

This new Automated Import System (AIS) will comply with the provisions of the UCC and will replace the existing import declaration system.
AIS will introduce changes to the Import procedure impacting on those involved in the Import supply chain.

Import eManifest will be replaced by new declaration types, for example:
 Electronic Transport Document
 Presentation Notification
 Temporary Storage Declaration

The structure and content of the import declaration will change significantly.

BH Associates Ltd met with Revenue in early October 2019 to ensure we can supply this new functionality according to the specifications provided by Revenue. We will continue to work with Revenue over the coming year to ensure we have a solution which can be tested when Publice Interface Testing (PIT) becomes available from May 2020.
What do you need to do now?
The introduction of AIS means that all Importers, or agents acting on their behalf, must have the ability to interact with this new system from November 2020.
In preparation for AIS, we strongly advise Importers to engage with us in order to ensure necessary software capabilities, processes and procedures are in place to meet your customs obligations.


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