BH Associates Ltd is the leading provider in Ireland of software solutions to the Transport, Logistics, Warehouse and Manufacturing sectors. We know that businesses have to change constantly in order to remain competitive, and remaining up to date with IT and software systems is a key component of that. Many companies will already have existing software systems and procedures in place that have become dated, but would be very costly to completely replace. That’s where BH Associates’ consultancy service comes in.


BH will examine your existing systems, and work together with your management and staff to determine where improvements need to be made. Our expert team of consultants draw on their years of experience to determine how to implement the latest technology while ensuring they will work in tandem with your existing systems, and improve the efficiency of your overall business process. Our consultancy services can specifically look at developing the right system for your transport operations, warehousing, order processing, manufacturing, quality control and more.


By working together with your team throughout the consultation process, we are able to identify the key areas for improvement in efficiency and cost effectiveness, while also remaining mindful of your budget and the goals of the organisation. We will showcase the advantages of moving your software to a cloud-based system, and how it can be integrated with your existing software. Our consultation will focus on showing you the potential return on investment, and should you choose to work with us, we will provide full training and support throughout the implementation of new software systems.

“In a fast changing environment where traceability is all important, we have found BH software to be top class. BH’s professionalism and responsive approach to service, allied to their modern technologies, has been key to the growth of our business. BH has allowed us to modify the way in which we think and conduct our business. This has played an important role in cost reduction for our business. We view our business relationship with BH of critical importance and would have no hesitation in recommending BH Associates Ltd to potential clients.”

Enda McDonnell, Director, Lynx Logistics Ltd

To find out more about BH Associates Ltd’s bespoke and consultancy services for the transport, warehouse, logistics and manufacturing sectors, contact us today.

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